What is the Online Registration?

This service is quite new in this day and age of the internet, but it is a must for every event management companies to have. The online registration is a system wherein it allows the invitees to get registered ahead for events and meetings online. The online registration also provides the registrants to pay securely for the event that they wish to participate online.

The registration system we have provided for you allows a personalized and targeted experience for every person that uses our online registration system. We base your registration upon your contact type. You get to create questions throughout the process and will also allow the registrants to choose the event tracks, sessions, flights, and hotel rooms. You also get to secure and even automate the refunds and even cancellations.

How can the invitees register for a specific event?

If you have registered your event through this site, the software will automatically design the kind of invitation process that you wish your event to look like. This will add a good impression to your invitees, too, as it makes them feel that their presence in the event is very important. Once the event registration system is complete, a link “Register Here” will appear in the form that points to your particular event, which will direct your invitees to where they should register.

Guests can also phone their invites in or fax their registration form. We will manually enter everything into the system, which will be approved with the meeting organizer. The online software allows the attendees to register through our site. Any computer will do as long as there is an internet connection will do.

Can I make the event website and the registration pages reflect the branding of the organization?

This is possible through the software that is provided or utilized by our website. You get to create a customizable and flexible page which are all consistent with the look and feel of the brand of the company. It can even include a header, footer, logo and the exact colors that define a company. This will increase the response rates while you get to promote a brand.

Can the software manage needs for housing and travel?

This can be done with the system provided through our site. The system integrates with the leading travel and housing tools of the industry. This will enable the planners in transferring data without the need for integration efforts. You get to collect requests regarding car rentals, flights, and hotel stay. You can block off rooms that will be used exclusively for attendees that are based on the room blocks during negotiation. This system offers a one-stop shop for all registrants to pay up, sign up and book flights and hotel rooms. They get to personalize their itineraries, confirmations, and directions. This will also grant travel agents and hotels access to these reports.

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