How to select the best attic fans


If you live in the great state of Texas, you probably know full well that it can get quite hot. After all, Texas is in near the gulf of Mexico and there is some hot air flowing from that part of the country. Keeping comfortable in Texas really depends on how close you are to this hot front.

If you have a home that has an attic, you probably already know that it can get quite stuffy. Generally, people don’t care because they usually don’t stay in the attic. In the off chance that you would like to turn your attic space into an office or some sort of den or even a gaming room, you need to look into attic fans.

You may be thinking that this blog tends to focus primarily on outdoor events. What do we know about attic fans? Well actually, a lot. Why? Many outdoor events can get quite hot and they feature removable structures that can trap a tremendous amount of heat in a small interior space. In that situation, you need to have the right fan to take care of that heat, otherwise, you’re going to have a very sticky and uncomfortable situation in your hands.

Do yourself a big favor and use the information we have learned accommodating people in such uncomfortable situations when trying to pick attic fans. Here are the factors to consider.

First of all, it must be able to move a lot of air in a short period of time. In other words, it has to have volume movement capabilities, otherwise, it’s not worth considering. If an attic is very hot, it will take a lot of heavy air movement to displace the hot air. Remember, heated air rises and although it is light, it will take a lot of air displacement to move this hot air through an interior space. Accordingly, you need to invest in a fan with a strong enough motor.

Second, you need to find a fan that has the right form and size. You may be thinking that this is self explanatory or obvious. No, it isn’t. As you probably already know, on the internet, common sense is not all that common. Your attic has a certain shape and you know the amount of volume of air in that space. Putting these two together, you should have a clear idea of what specific shape and size you should look for. Every attic is different, so the kinds of fans you should consider should factor in this wide diversity.

Finally, you should look for fans that are very easy to customize. In other words, it’s very easy to move around, operate and easy to accessorize because you never know what will happen tomorrow. You never know what’s around the corner so you need that added level of flexibility and scalability.

These factors can add up to quite a bit of extra peace of mind. Follow the tips above to select the very best attic fan for your particular situation.

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