Essential Guide to League of Legends Accounts for Sale

In League of Legends, the major difference between playing on an unranked or a ranked account is more like the difference between playing a casual/normal game and a somewhat competitive game. In order to play ranked games, you need to be at least a level 30 summoner with nothing less than 16 Champions. Most of the league of legends accounts for sale are with a minimum of level 30 and they have either 20,000 IP or 16 champions, just so you have all the Champions required for playing ranked games.

Why should you buy a LoL Account?

Guaranteed! The Rank you want: A Ranked account service permits you to acquire the Division and Tier you want. In fact, the higher the rank, the more expensive it will be to purchase the account. This is more like the only thing the service guarantees, but there are additional services.

Not Guaranteed! Extra: What comes next is actually not guaranteed, but the account usually come with some powerful runes, rarer Champions, and awesome skins. If you actually want specific Champions, Skins, and Runes, it is advised that you consult our special Accounts page.

Hand-leveled accounts: These accounts have been hand-leveled, meaning that they are not botted (unlike the unranked accounts). It is important you are aware that there is no risk that your account will be purged for botting.

10-day warranty: Your account comes with a warranty that spans for 10 days. If along the way you come across some form of verification issues, or perhaps anything else, there is the guaranty that you are covered. It is recommended that you contact the account provider for assistance

How Does It Work?

Purchase an account of whatever rank you desire: many league of legends accounts for sale are ready for competitive games.

Changing the email: In order to play ranked games you require to verify the account, so these accounts are already verified under another email. Once you have purchased the account, the account provider will modify the email information just so you can verify the email.

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