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One of the ways of brightening the natural color of one’s teeth is by Tooth whitening. This can actually be done without removing the tooth’s enamels or the tooth’s surfaces. In the process of tooth whitening, it is important that the enamels be not affected so that it does not result in eventual failure or tooth decay. It is advised that harsh procedures are not employed the potency of the bleaching process. Experts will attest to the fact that complete color change is not possible; you will just have the present shade lightened. You can take out time to consult Twenty Tooth’s dental blog, a list is provided with the best dentists for your teeth whitening needs in Singapore.

One of the factors that have affected the discoloration of our teeth is our migration from the natural style of eating. The majority of the drinks and foods we consume like red wine, tea, coffee and habits like drinking and smoking contribute in staining our teeth. In addition, tartar can affect the color of our teeth.

Tooth bleaching is another name for tooth whitening, it is an effort for discoloration and removing stains from our teeth. This is a visual technique in dentistry to assist with lightening the color of the teeth.

One of the most common forms of tooth whitening is the professional bleaching; some of the substances used to achieve this include carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide, any of them is suitable. They help to oxidize the cracks and stain and they liberate oxygen to the teeth, thus getting the color of the tooth brightened. During this process, the gums are covered with gels and a special tray is used to apply the substances during the process.

Other than the conventional cleaning procedures, laser whitening is another alternative that is also referred to as power whitening. During the process, as the gums are covered in a gel, the bleaching substances are applied to the teeth. The bleaching substances are then activated using the laser beams, where the light helps in catalyzing the whole chemical reaction of whitening the teeth. Among all the teeth whitening procedures, this is the fastest and the most effective.

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