Ice Maker Comparison: Guide to Choosing the Best Ice Makers for the Art Festival

Most recently, you will find that ice makers are popularly demanded. Refrigerators are capable of producing ice but they cannot match the effectiveness of an ice maker. Many individuals actually find the facility appealing when compared to the times they were utilizing the refrigerator for ice production. With the increasing number of manufacturers, there are many ice making units available in the market; Irvin has a fantastic comparison article about ice makers over on his website. Nonetheless, this article is centered on the more portable units.

The 3 excellent Ice Maker Machines for residential or Professional use are;

Avalon Bay Ab-ICE26S

This ice making unit is obviously leading the list. There are various factors considered before placing this unit on the throne of the portable ice maker machines in the market. This ice making unit features the highest capacity of ice production for a portable unit of about 26 pounds daily. It is advised that you do not let the capacity deceive you though it looks like a small number. Having that capacity for a portable ice making unit, it is a significant amount.

NewAir AI-100VO

The ice making machine that will be making the second on the list is the NewAir AI-100VO. This portable ice making unit is an ideal choice for ice production for professional and residential use. It can produce ice of about 28 pounds daily. A simple side drain is incorporated into the facility. Initially, you will not make out the importance of this feature, after using the facility for some time you will be puzzled on why other ice maker machine does not incorporate this feature into their designs.

NewAir AI-100R

The last but not the least on our list of the top 3 portable ice maker machines is the NewAir AI-100R. This ice making unit is designed to be lightweight and convenient for use, making an ideal choice for use in small kitchen space, cooking area, RVs, and boats. The unit is capable of producing about 28 pounds of ice daily and the controls are so easy to utilize. The manufacturers boast of the LED backlight panel for the facility management.

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