Essential Steps to Get More Plays on Spotify

There are millions of music fans around the world that resort to Spotify to get to discover new artists, it is important as an up-and-coming musical act you should get your songs on Spotify playlist where you can present your song to millions of music fans. The question becomes – what and what needs to be done to get more plays on Spotify by getting your songs on playlists?

Reaching out to curators to get your songs featured on some of Spotify biggest playlist is a very tedious task, on successfully getting your songs to the curators, there is the certainty that you will receive massive exposure. Below we will give you some tips on how to get placements for your songs on Spotify playlists.

When it comes to getting placement for your music, one of the first factor to consider is the individual in charge of putting the songs together for the playlist. They could either be industry bods, average Spotify users of media figures. There is the possibility that you can find them on Spotify or you can invest time to researching online where to find them and personally message them. Spotify, on the other hand, can put up a playlist by themselves.

On finding a good contact, it is advised that you keep your email as brief as possible with major links to your music. It is important that you make it as easy as possible for them to listen to your music and get to know more about you.

The majority of the curators for Spotify playlists will be more interested in including your songs on their playlist if you have a verified profile. In order to be verified, you have to have at least 250 followers. On getting over 250 followers, you are eligible to request for the Spotify Verification form.

Though having 250 followers is the bare minimum for verification, the more followers you have the faster and most likely will it be to get more plays on Spotify. Getting yourself verified will ensure that most playlist curators take you seriously. If possible get your friends and family to follow your Spotify account, Listen to your tracks, promote your Spotify account and share your tracks all over the internet in order to assist with building up your followers.

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