Texas Events

Are you looking for great Texas festivals? There are many Fredericksburg events to choose from ranging from mesquite art to motorcycle rallies. You might want to visit one or all of the following Texas events:

Texas Mesquite Art Festival

This is a yearly event that takes place in the downtown Market Square. In 2017 the event will be from October 13 to 15. The Hours will be Friday (noon to 6 p.m.), Saturday (10 a.m. to 6 p.m.), and Sunday (10 a.m. to 3 p.m.).

The Mesquite Art Festival has already become a top event in Fredericksburg. In 1992 the first event celebrating mesquite wood took place. Visitors can enjoy sculpted wood collections from world’s top mesquite craftsmen.

There are tons of different options on display at the event. They include beds, chairs, dressers, and others. There’s also gift items including scroll work, lamps, pen/pencil sets, sculpted vases, and Christmas tree ornaments. All of the items have been meticulously constructed using mesquite wood.

Before attending the event you can even read articles and watch videos about the process of making products using mesquite wood. Mesquite actually includes more than 40 species of small trees. They’re mostly native to the South-West US and Mexico.

The tree originates from the deserts and shrublands of the Southern US and South-East Mexico. It’s interesting that the wood is one of the few nitrogen sources in desert habitats where the tree grows.

Fredericksburg Crawfish Festival

IF you’re a fan of shellfish then this is one event you won’t want to miss. The event is sponsored by Fredericksburg Jaycees and takes place on Memorial Day weekend. The yearly festival at Markplatz features live music, arts & crafts, kids carnivals, and of course all sorts of great dishes with crawfish. There are all sorts of music lined up for the event so you won’t want to miss this event.

One of the biggest events at the festival is the gumbo cook-off on Saturday. If you’re a fan of spicy shellfish then this is definitely an event that you should consider attending.

The event takes place from May 26 to May 28, 2017. The times are Friday (6 p.m. to 11 p.m.), Saturday (11 a.m. to 11 p.m.) and Sunday (noon to 6 p.m.). The entrance fees are $10 for adults on Fri/Sun and $12 on Sat. The fee is $5 for kids aged 6 to 12, and kids under 6 can attend the event for free. You can buy tickets on the web or at the gate. If you want to attend the Crawfish Festival for multiple days you can also get 2/3 day passes.

Hill County Peaches

If you visit the Hill Country during peach season make sure to visit the region to enjoy high-quality peaches. If you want peaches with more volume then make sure to look for early season varieties. The mid/later season varieties have less volume.

You can also find retail peaches during most of the regular season. However, the quantities will be smaller this year so it’s something to keep in mind. Make sure to keep getting updates about the availability of free peaches in the Hill Country. This will help you to find the peaches you want during this year’s season.

You can also find other items in the region if you visit the Hill Country. They include fruits, veggies, ice cream, cobblers, preserves, jellies, and others. There’s basically something for everyone if you’re a fan of peaches.

Gourmet Chili Pepper & Salsa Festival

If you love chilies and salsa then this is definitely an event that you won’t want to miss. It takes place in July at Wildseed Farms. The farm is located near Fredericksburg and is the US’ largest working wildflower farm. In fact, the farm won a 2001 Garden Center award for innovation.

Texas and the SW US are famous for spicy food that includes chilies and salsa. If you enjoy such dishes then you’ll definitely want to attend this event.

Night in Old Fredericksburg

This is another event you won’t want to miss if you visit Fredericksburg. In 2017 the event will take place on July 15. It only lasts one summer evening but it’s definitely an event you won’t want to miss if you’re in the region. You can celebrate the long heritage of the Texas Hill Country. It will include all sorts of things including food, drink, and live music.

Another event you won’t want to miss is a dance that features the music from The Wagon Aces. It will take place from 8 p.m. to midnight. There will be other events including German music, chili cook-off, and goat roping. There’s also horse racing during the daytime. If you want to attend this event make sure to get more information online so you can plan ahead. IT’s definitely one of the best events to attend in the Fredericksburg region.

Fredericksburg Food and Wine Festival

Here’s another event you should definitely consider attending if you’re going to be in the Fredericksburg, TX area this year. This year the event will take place on October 28. The festival will start at noon and end at 7 p.m. The cost of admission is $25/person for adults.

This is an excellent event for foodies and wine connoisseurs. Texas has become famous for several dishes including brisket, chili, chicken fried steak, fajitas, tortilla soup, pecan pie, blueberry cobbler, and others. You can enjoy such items at the festival. There’s also wine-tasting, which is the other main event at the festival.

Christmas Tree Lighting Trail

Here’s another event you won’t want to miss if you visit Fredericksburg during December. There are several events that take place during the month of December. It’s one of the state’s biggest holiday events. The event includes tons of bright lights from various structures including courthouses, churches, and historic sites.

This is one of the biggest events during the Christmas season and one you should definitely consider checking out. The event stretches north from the city of San Antonio. It’s definitely a great way to experience the lights and cheer of the holiday season.


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